25 Reasons

Feel Confident with Your Future as a Graffiti Eaters Franchise Partner

The Graffiti Eaters is much more than just a graffiti removal business.

As a franchise partner you will provide over 20 different services to the marketplace.

This huge variety of high value surface cleaning offerings means that not only will you have variety in your work, but you will also have a business that never goes through a quiet patch because you will always have services that are in demand at any time of year.

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The Top 25 Reasons Why To Choose The Graffiti Eaters

Unique Growth Industry
Low competition in a very specialised growth industry

Proprietary System
Custom built efficient vehicles and cleaning solution technology to give a unique competitive advantage

40 Years Experience
2nd generation family business that has been operating nationally around Australia for 40 years

Exclusive Territory
Exclusive for marketing but non exclusive for service delivery to maximise your opportunities from every client and encourage growth

Support all the Way
Professional support at every step, every day, all the way

Diverse Client Base
Commercial, Residential, Insurance, Government, Schools, Universities, Shopping Centres

5+5+5+5 Year Term
With no additional fee on renewal apart from legal contracts

Mobile Franchise
No retail lease complications and 5 yearly store refit investment

Combine your career with your family commitments so that you never miss those precious family moments

Franchise Partners not Franchisees
You are respected as a franchise partner in our business, not a franchisee

Quality Assurance Certification
We have done all the hard work in setting up all of the compliance systems and getting the certificates required by government customers. You get to piggy back onto all of these systems

Simple Payment Systems
The payment systems are set up for you so you can process credit cards on the spot without waiting weeks to get paid

Tender Search and System
Tendering costs reduced with Franchisor providing tender search and submission system

Brand Strength
Two brands with two websites allow precision marketing. www.graffitieaters.com.au and www.staineaters.com.au

While building your own business you are connected to a large team for support, idea sharing and assistance on the big jobs

Cloud based IT Management
The latest technology is used to deliver network wide efficiency and an easy customer experience

3 Tiered Growth Model
Allows our franchise partners to grow to multiple vehicles with no additional fees

Non Seasonal Service Offering
Services designed to provide consistent work load all year round

Ongoing Training
With ‘Mastery’ as a key company value, development of our people is continual in both technical and business skills

Family Friendly
System designed for husband/wife/family involvement

26 Different Cleaning Solutions
We let the cleaning solutions do all the work so you can give customers peace of mind that the surface wont be damaged with harsh cleaning techniques.

Customer Care Centre
Offering old fashioned personal call centre service for customers and franchise partners 24/7

Family Franchisors
Focused on customer service and franchise partner growth

Automated Marketing Systems
Plug in your customer contacts to our automated marketing system and it sends out personalised communications at predetermined times to get you repeat business without you lifting a finger

Job Management System
Integrated job management and accounting system with customer portal and field technician app to make quoting and invoicing easy in the field