Who We Are

We are the market leader in stain and graffiti removal, with over 40 years experience.

Over the last four decades we have developed a solid reputation for our unique ability to remove any type of stain off a hard surface and graffiti removal, from any surface and from any location, fast!

Not only are we able to achieve superb and quick results for clients, but we are also able to remove unsightly stains and graffiti without scarring or leaving any shadows.

Plus, our proprietary equipment, technology and systems enable us to cut labour cost by 45% over the industry average. Whether your stain or graffiti problem is big or small, our promise is simple: we’ll get it off efficiently, super-fast and cost effectively!

The Graffiti Eaters uses advanced market-leading technologies to ensure that graffiti is completely removed in full compliance with current OH&S, International Quality (ISO) and Environmental Management Standards.

Our team of Graffiti Removal Experts operate nationally around Australia in all capital cities.

What Makes Us Distinctive!

The Graffiti Eaters is much more than just a graffiti removal business. As a franchise partner you will provide over 20 different services to the marketplace. This huge variety of high value surface cleaning offerings means that not only will you have variety in your work, but you will also have a business that never goes through a quiet patch because you will always have services that are in demand at any time of year.

You have the opportunity to earn great money because you get the advantage of using our systems and processes that are in demand by the top end of the market. This includes the use of our chemical technology that has been specially developed over 40 years and is unavailable to other competitors in the marketplace.

You also get to piggyback onto our ISO Quality Assurance Certifications at no additional cost. This provides a moat around your business and makes it almost impossible for someone else to compete at the same level in the marketplace.

Extensive training is provided in all aspects of building and running the business through our 4 week “University of Graffitiology” training course and no previous experience is required.

Why You Can Earn More Money As A Graffiti Eaters Franchise

A Graffiti Eaters business allows you operate at the top end of the market and provides you with a greater earning potential than other similar businesses.

We show you how to quote by the job and not by the hour, so the client is never distracted by an hourly rate.

You’ll get to complete each job 45% faster because our mechanical and chemical technology help you get the job done quicker in comparison to your competitors.

The ISO Quality Assurance Certifications you get automatically as a Graffiti Eaters Franchisee are required by Government and most corporate clients. This permits a higher rate of remuneration in this environment.

Highly developed quoting, invoicing, job management and automated marketing systems allow for you to spend less time administering the business and more time doing the work that earns you the money.

To join our team no experience is necessary, you will learn everything you need to know at our University of Graffitiology, so having a technical background or pressure cleaning experience is not at all a prerequisite for this business.

We have successful team members from all different backgrounds. What they all do possess though is brand passion, loyalty, dependability, drive and a strong commitment to customer service.