Benefits Of Franchising

Creating your own business and watching it grow can be one of the most satisfying experiences in a person’s working career.

It’s because it’s YOURS, you own it, it’s your sweat and tears that went into it and you are responsible for how successful it turned out to be.

Franchising splits the responsibilities of running a business in two, the franchisee role and the franchisor role, freeing both parties up to focus on MASTERING their craft.


  • Flexibility of time
  • Family can all be part of
  • In control of success, results and destiny
  • Taxation advantages for long term wealth creation
  • Status, pride and level of contribution back to community
  • Building an asset for future capital gain
  • Connection to a family of like minded people for support
  • Faster pathway to success then going it alone

Everyone in a system contributes to its success and if everyone has ‘skin in the game’, by working together to solve problems, encouraging new ideas and attracting and retaining people that approach their work with heart and enthusiasm, success is a given.

Proven Business Model

Our model is so detailed and robust that anyone with the right work ethic can be a successful Graffiti Eaters Franchisee!

The training is delivered with both theory and in-field components covering vehicle maintenance, marketing and sales, accounting, service delivery, customer relations and estimating.

Cloud technology makes it easier than ever before to manage the admin functions during the day while on the road, freeing up after hours time. Make sure you invest in a system that invests heavily in technology and innovation.

Access to collective experience of over 70 years with 14 company run vehicles over 40 years, and year round access to Business Development Managers, Workshop Managers and Administration Managers for support.

Reward For Your Efforts

As with any business, you only get out of it as much as the hard work you put into it!

The more lifestyle time you take, the less financial reward you can expect.

Customer service can really be used as a tool to keep your customers coming back, and build up your “circle of influence”.

Working from a home office makes it easier to fit admin tasks in around family commitments and provides additional tax benefits for claiming expenses.

It is also easier, cheaper and quicker to expand your business and put on extra vehicles to grow than try and find property to lease.

Not to mention the outdoor scenery with a different work location and view every day.