Greaham Saville

“I was looking for a business that allowed me to operate from home. It is important to me to be able to have breakfast with my family, and also get home early to help the kids with after school activities.”

“Training was great, it covered everything from all the cleaning and graffiti removal processes, all aspects of office and administration work, as well as setting a business plan and operating a business.”

“As I had never run a business before, this was excellent training and put me in a position to start trading.”

“The level of support is also excellent. No matter what type of question I may have about a job or administration, I can also call the person I need to speak to and get a quick answer.”

“The Vehicles are also outstanding. They come with everything you need to operate from day one and complete jobs efficiently. I also get a lot of comments from customers about how well set up these are.”

“I find the IT systems to be very user friendly, and encompassing which allows us to process all our quotes and jobs simply. These then seamlessly sync to the accounting system to make life easy.”

“We are very happy with our franchise business, and have just purchased a second territory and extra trucks. The business has excellent potential for growth.”

Craig Cavanagh

“I was looking for a new opportunity for myself and my family as ! was finishing up at my current job, and wanted to have freedom to choose his my hours and also work for myself.”

“After investigating a number of different franchise opportunities, we chose the Graffiti Eaters as they are a family owned business, it made us feel comfortable and re-assured that there would be a lot of support available to us.”

“When we met with Mark and Karen, we felt impressed by the opportunity and didn’t hesitate to make the decision to go ahead.”

“The training I received was very thorough, but we were able to work though it at our own pace. This prepared me well for when I got home and started to operate my own territory.”

“The on-going support is great. Anytime you have a question, its just a matter of picking up the phone and help is there no matter what challenge you have.”

“Use of the online quoting, job booking and accounting systems are great and cover all aspects of day to day operation. This saves us time and allows me to get on with the work.”

“I am very happy with my decision to purchase the franchise and have no regrets. We are really loving it and looking forward to the future.”

David de Beyer

“I was tired of my mundane, 9 to 5 IT job, and wanted to work outside with different challenges every day. It’s great to be able to go to different sites each day and meet different people with different needs.”

“I found the training to be excellent, with lots of hands on work along with theory. Any questions I had were always answered and explained. And the training doesn’t end there, anytime I have a question, I can just call and get the help I need.”

“The truck set up is second to none, and has everything we need to operate. All the cleaning solutions are high quality and give us the edge when it comes to completing jobs efficiently.”

“Coming from an IT back ground I find the IT systems that are in place to be very professional and easy to use. It makes the process of setting up quotes and jobs very easy.”

“I’m happy being my own boss, and love the franchise. There are lots of opportunities and I’m looking forward to growing the business.”