Franchise Partner Quiz

Do you have what it takes to become a Franchise Partner and run a business?

The Graffiti Eaters is much more than just a graffiti removal business.

As a franchise partner you will provide over 20 different services to the marketplace.

This huge variety of high value surface cleaning offerings means that not only will you have variety in your work, but you will also have a business that never goes through a quiet patch because you will always have services that are in demand at any time of year.

Take our 2 minute Quiz below to determine if you have what it takes to be successful in your business.

Do you enjoy wearing multiple hats?
The satisfaction that comes from running a small business comes from the fact that you develop skills in many areas. If you love versatility in your day, then business ownership may be for you.
Can you handle the unexpected?
Owning a business is like riding a roller coaster…there are ups and downs. If you can remain calm and work your way through challenges, you can thrive in business.
Are you comfortable with risk?
Business ownership involves an element of risk. Taking educated risks can promote you to the leader of your field.
Do you like people and building relationships?
Business is all about putting yourself out there and connecting with people to build a network of clients. Do this well and you will always grow.
Are you committed?
Franchising and business is like a marriage, you must be committed in good times and bad, sickness and health to weather the storms. If you bail when the going gets tough, a business may not suit you.
Are you inspired by other people who run businesses?
If you admire those people that run successful businesses and would like to be held in the same esteem as them.
Do you enjoy being part of something big?
Franchising is about learning from and contributing to a network of like minded people for the benefit of everyone’s success.
Do you enjoy the challenge of solving problems?
Business is about leading your team through the challenges that arise and coming out the other side.
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