How To Start Your Journey To Success

Owning your very own successful business is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, not just financially, but also socially and mentally.

Business ownership is a smart move for people that have the drive, determination and passion to reach their full potential.

In just two months your new Graffiti Eaters business could be up and running and servicing your community.

This is a quick look at what that journey looks like!

Step 1

The Qualification Criteria

The first step is to ensure you have some basic requirements in place to run a business of this nature, such as:

  • You have permanent residency in Australia
  • You hold a current drivers licence either manual or auto
  • You have a good credit rating and have not filed for bankruptcy in the last 5 years
  • You have a clear criminal record and are able to provide a Police Check and Working with Children Check
  • You understand the business is a full time commitment and the need to work the business 5 days per week
  • You are not colour blind
  • You are okay working at heights off Elevated Work Platforms
  • You enjoy sales and building relationships with people
  • You enjoy the outdoors and working with your hands
  • You enjoy the challenge and stimulation that comes from solving problems for clients
  • You want to be part of a larger supportive network and are willing to contribute to this network of like minded business owners
Step 2

Start Your Due Diligence

This website provides a wealth of information on the concept of franchising in general as well as on The Graffiti Eaters business model.

Explore every section to increase your understanding of our business and what we do to ensure it resonates with you.

Visit our company websites

Register and complete the discovery tour on this website.

Download our franchise brochure which explains the opportunities built into our model.

Step 3

Apply and Express Your Interest

If you believe that our business model suits your family and what you have been looking for in a new business venture, then its time we get together for a chat!

In under 2 minutes you can complete the online form on this website and request a call back from a Graffiti Eaters franchise representative.

Step 4

Receive A Call From An Experienced Graffiti Eaters Representative

This call is about getting to know the basics about each other.

From our side:

  • What are our company values?
  • What makes our business model so unique?
  • What is the investment level?
  • What training is provided?
  • What mentoring is provided?
  • What are the territories available in your area?
  • What are the market opportunities?
  • How are our existing Franchise Partners performing?

From your side:

  • What lifestyle are you looking for in the future?
  • What has your career involved to date?
  • What is your health and vigour like to run this type of business?
  • What family support do you have access to?
  • What financial position are you currently in?
  • What attracts you to our brand?
  • What fears do you have about going into business for yourself?
Step 5

The Nitty Gritty

  • We provide you with business financial projections.
  • We ask you to complete two online assessments that really allow us to understand you and ensure we can provide you the support you require to be successful.
  • We discuss your financing plans and cash flow budgets.
  • We provide you with our Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement for Review
  • We will have several video meetings and phone calls to answer all questions and feel comfortable with each other.
  • We encourage you to contact existing Franchise Partners to discuss their experience on the team.
Step 6

You Complete Your Due Diligence

It is important for your success that you build around you your professional team.

That team can consist of your accountant, your solicitor and your financial advisor.

Armed with all of the information about your new business venture, you can consult your team for guidance and advice.

Step 7

Meet The Team

It’s important that our culture resonates with you and you feel comfortable with the people who will be supporting you into the future.

We invite you to visit our head office in Melbourne to:

  • See the team in action, meet the people and experience our culture
  • See our Surface Restoration Vehicles being constructed
  • Witness our cleaning technology in action
  • View the IT systems that drive our business success
Step 8

Select Your Territory

Once you have determined the community you like being apart of, we assist you in selecting an available territory in which to operate your new Graffiti Eaters Business.

Step 9

We Offer You A Franchise

If everything goes well in the above steps and both parties feel confident in a future together, then The Graffiti Eaters offer you a franchise and issue invoices to you for the franchise fee deposit (which comes off the franchisee fee) and the document legal fees to secure your territory and lock in your Surface Restoration Vehicle build schedule.

The legal fees are paid to our solicitors to draft your Franchise Agreement which takes around 1 week.

You then have 14 days under the Franchising Code of Conduct to review the documents before they can be signed and executed.

Step 10

Payment Of Final Fees

Once the Franchise Agreement is signed the final fees are paid for the balance of the Franchise Fee and the Surface Restoration Vehicle.

Step 11

Training Commences

Your 4 weeks of training then starts at our University of Graffitiology in Melbourne to teach you our 40 years of knowledge!

We ensure you know everything there is to know about successfully running your new business.

Your shiny new Surface Restoration Vehicle is completed and presented to you.

Step 12

Business Open’s It’s Doors

Now the exciting part! You return to your territory and start your marketing and providing our specialised services to your local community.

Our 22 week mentoring program begins and a Graffiti Eaters Representative works in your territory with you for a couple of days to settle you in.